Tree & Shrub Food 22 lb

tree food instruction

  • 100% Organic / 100% Vegan / No Odor; OMRI Listed for Certified Organic Use.
  • Special Formula for Tree and Shrub.  Excellent for All Types of Tree and Shrub.
  • Maximizes Microorganism Activity for Plant. Develops Bigger & Stronger Root to Improve the Structure of the Plant. Increase it’s Ability to Hold Water and more Nutrients.
  • PRO ORGANIC® Improves Soil Conditions, Helps Resist Disease, Insects, and Drought During the Growing Season.
  • Safe for All Plants. No-Burn Pledge. Safe for Children, Pets or the Environment.


  • PRO TIPS: Do not surprise when you see white fungus on the pellets. It’s a good sign of microorganism activity and ideal process for plant to absorb all the essential nutrients. It’s a healthy plant food for your soil & plant.

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